4 Brain Training Memory Exercises for Loved Ones with Dementia

Managing dementia can be tough, both for those afflicted and their caregivers. Standard treatment includes medication and counseling, but there's more you can do! Studies show that certain brain exercises can delay memory loss and protect the brain from dementia to some degree. Here are some great memory games you can play with your loved one to help them maintain optimal cognitive function.

  1. Bingo
    The stereotypical image of older ladies at the bingo hall has something behind it. Playing bingo can improve memory and cognition, which is why it's a popular entertainment choice at senior centers. It's also easy to learn, and picture variants are perfect for playing with the grandkids.

  2. Puzzle Games
    Crossword puzzles, word searches, and similar word games are excellent brain exercises for aging parents. If your loved one prefers numbers, Sudoku is another great option. These games target memory and logical functions, and help improve both. You can find puzzles online or can buy an old-fashioned puzzle book.

  3. Card and Tile Matching Games
    Although many of these games are made for children, they work well for adults too. Pick up a set at a local toy store or download a memory game app on your tablet. If you're competitive, you can challenge your loved one to see who can solve the puzzle the fastest!

  4. Remember When...
    While not a game, jogging your loved one's memory and getting them to reminisce about the past is a great brain exercise. Give a memory prompt and ask your parent to elaborate. Or, pull out an old photo album and ask your mom or dad to talk about each picture. Not only does this help you bond, it also helps your loved one stay sharp.

Use these simple, effective brain training games to help keep your loved one engaged!

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