5 Fun Activities to Do With Your Senior Loved One

If you’re looking for creative activities to do with your loved one, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about five fun and engaging ways to create new memories!

  1. Tackle a Photo Project
    Looking through pictures is sure to lead to great conversation, hearty laughs, and maybe even a few tears. It's an excellent way to reminisce, and may even result in you learning some new information about your loved one.

    Do a scrapbooking project or create photo albums for siblings, grandchildren or friends. Help your loved one write personalized messages next to each picture, providing details about the image for posterity. You can enjoy this activity one-on-one activity, or take a trip down memory lane with the whole family.

  2. Paint the Day Away
    If you (or your loved one) enjoy art therapy, there are endless projects you can do to get your creative juices flowing. Painting brings out everyone's inner Van Gough, while simultaneously improving hand-eye coordination and finger flexibility.

    If your loved one can get out and about, consider taking them to an instructor-led painting class. If not, invite an instructor to your place and ask family and friends to join you for an in-home painting party.

  3. Take a Refreshing Swim
    Have a pool at home or in your community? Go for a dip! There are many benefits of aquatic exercise. The non-weight-bearing nature of swimming reduces the risk of falls and injuries. Better yet, water exercise improves posture, strengthens core muscles, alleviates muscle stiffness, and increases cardiovascular health.

    If your loved one has good mobility, look into going to a water aerobics class at a local community center or health club. Rather swim at home? Purchase an affordable set of water weights for an extra challenge!

  4. Get Saucy in the Kitchen
    For many of us, delicious smells making their way out of the kitchen conjure up some of our best childhood memories. With that in mind, ask Mom or Dad to share sacred recipes that kept you fed during your formative years.

    Of course, while your favorite recipes are out, it only makes sense to share some time together in the kitchen preparing a dish or two. Then, invite the family over to indulge in your tasty creations.

  5. Get into the Groove
    Dancing is a fun activity that keeps everyone feeling young. Some senior recreation centers periodically hold community dances, so check to see if there are any nearby events you can attend. Or - turn up the stereo and have an impromptu dance party in your living room! You don't need to leave home to cut a rug.

    If your loved one has limited mobility and is unable to dance, consider creating a mixed tape for them that includes some of their favorite songs and artists. Then, spend an afternoon reliving the good old days through music.

It's never too late to make new memories. Let these ideas inspire you to plan some fun activities you can enjoy with your loved one.

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