Is My Loved One at Risk for Falls? Free Risk Assessment Tool

As you continue to assist Mom or Dad age in place, you may wonder if they are at risk for falls. Or perhaps you have a strong feeling that they are, but they are too stubborn to believe you! The “MAHC-10” is a fall risk assessment tool that was developed by the Missouri Alliance for Home Care and is commonly used by healthcare professionals to determine an individual’s fall risk. To find out if Mom or Dad is at risk for falls, answer the questions below. If you mark “yes” to 4 or more questions, your loved one is considered at risk for falling.

  1. Are they age 65 or older?

  2. Do they currently have three or more co-existing medical diagnoses?

  3. Do they have a prior history of falls within the last 3 months? Answer “yes” whether your loved one sustained an injury or not, including if they simply slid to the floor. Any unintentional change in position to a lower surface counts!

  4. Do they have incontinence issues? This includes frequent urination, urgency, night time incontinence, etc.

  5. Are they visually impaired? This can include vision issues due to stroke, diabetes, age related etc. Answer “yes” if the visual impairment is not corrected (if your loved one has glasses but doesn’t wear them, the answer is “yes”; if they have glasses that they do wear regularly, the answer is “no”).

  6. Do they have impaired functional mobility? Answer “yes” if your loved one uses a cane, walker, or wheelchair, (or SHOULD be!) or if they require assistance with self care tasks, such as dressing or bathing.

  7. Does their home possess environmental hazards? This can include uneven floors, cluttered home, narrow walking space, pets in the way, poor lighting, etc.

  8. Are they taking 4 or more prescriptions medications? This should include prescriptions for over the counter medications.

  9. Is pain affecting their overall level of function?

  10. Do they have any cognitive impairment? This can include diagnoses of dementia, Alzheimers, or stroke - and may include issues with memory, judgement, impulsivity, etc.

If you answered “yes” to 4 or more of these questions, your loved one is at risk for falling.

Please visit our blog post on fall prevention tips to make sure you are taking all necessary measures to avoid a fall, so Mom or Dad can continue to age safely in place!

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