List of Free Resources for Family Caregivers

Looking for family caregiver resources?
You're in the right place. Read on to learn about seven outstanding free resources for family caregivers.

  1. Long Term Care Assistance
    The Long Term Care website was created by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. It offers lots of insights that can help you solve common caregiving challenges. Trying to budget for care? Check out this section for advice on how to pay for long-term care - and how to minimize your financial burden.

  2. The Conversation Project
    <a href=""target="_blank">The Conversation Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making it easy for seniors to talk about their end of life wishes. The site offers a free starter kit, which includes paperwork your loved one can fill out to dictate what type of care they'd like to receive and to name a health care proxy. These kits are free and are available in multiple languages.

  3. National Senior Games Association
    The National Senior Games Association promotes regular exercise as a tool for helping seniors stay healthy and engaged. By hosting both state and national games every year, the NSGA gives active seniors a competitive outlet.

    Even if your loved one isn't interested in competing, they may still enjoy attending the games. As a caregiver, you can also benefit from reading tips on how to help your loved one live a healthy, active lifestyle on the NSGA website.

  4. Online Support Groups
    Talking to others who understand what you're going through can be very therapeutic. Luckily, The National Caregiving Alliance offers access to online family caregiver support groups that anyone in the country can join. One focuses specifically on caregivers of seniors with serious health problems. Ask questions, connect with other caregivers, get advice, and more.

  5. Second Senior
    Second Senior makes it easy and affordable to hire respite caregivers. In addition to offering high-quality services, our Aging in Place blog offers a wealth of free information for family caregivers. Visit the blog for regular posts on Alzheimer's disease, home safety, medication management, dealing with stress, and more.

  6. Alzheimer's Foundation of America
    The AFA offers free caregiving resources for anyone caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's. These resources include a toll-free helpline, access to licensed social workers via Skype and email, and educational materials.

  7. Food & Drug Administration
    The FDA website has a caregiving section that's worth browsing. It includes specific information on healthy aging, managing medications, and food safety. The rest of the site also provides good information on nutrition and healthy eating that's applicable to people of all ages.

Use these resources to find top quality care, seek out support for common challenges, keep your loved one engaged and learn from other caregivers.

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