What is Respite Care?

So you have heard of this thing called “respite care,” but what exactly is it? Basically, respite care is temporary or part-time care that provides the family caregiver relief from typical caregiving duties. In other words, respite care is your backup in-home care so that you can take a break!

As you know, being a family caregiver can be extremely stressful, demanding, and time consuming - and you deserve a break now and again. Not only is it good for your own mental and physical health, but it is good for your loved one as well.

"How do I find respite care?" We're glad you asked!

At SecondSenior, we specialize in giving family caregivers a break. We'll connect you with an hourly college student caregiver in your area for an extremely affordable rate. [Find a respite caregiver in your area now](https://www.secondsenior.com" target="_blank).

Some other options:

  • If you require live-in or more hands-on professional care while you're away, look into hiring a caregiver from a home care agency (but watch out, this can get expensive).
  • Consider asking a friend, family member, or neighbor to assist. Often times people desire to help and just need to be asked.

Here are some use-case examples in which you might want to consider hiring a respite caregiver:

  1. Take a vacation. Being a family caregiver can be an around-the-clock job, and every worker needs a vacation from their job now and again. Consider taking a long weekend, a week or two to travel, or take a local “staycation” while leaving Mom or Dad at home.

  2. Run errands or get things done. Taking care of Mom or Dad can be rather demanding, and it may seem impossible to simply get out of the house to run errands or to complete homemaking tasks. Consider respite care to keep an eye on your loved one a few hours a week so you can get things done, such as grocery shopping, getting to the bank, laundry, yard work/gardening, cooking, cleaning, etc.

  3. Take some “me” time. Taking time to yourself is essential to your mental health. Consider respite care to keep an eye on Mom or Dad while you do something you enjoy such as going for a walk outside, hitting the gym, getting lunch with friends, or any other leisure activity. You can even stay home and lock yourself in your bedroom to take a much needed nap or watch TV - whatever you need!

  4. Temporary help during a stressful time. Maybe your loved one is recovering from a hospital stay or surgery and suddenly needs more help than usual. Maybe you are the one that's recovering from surgery or illness. Perhaps there has been a change in your job situation, living situation, or family situation. Whatever challenges life brings, it's important to recognize when you could use some help. Sometimes, it easier accepting help when you have the goal of it being temporary until life gets a little less overwhelming.

After reading this post, we hope you better understand what respite care is, how to find it, and the ways in which you can utilize options around you in order to [reduce caregiver stress](http://blog.secondsenior.com/8-ways-to-reduce-family-caregiver-stress/" target="_blank). You're doing a great job of taking care of Mom or Dad, and it's important that you hand the reigns over to respite care when needed to continue to be a well-balanced family caregiver!

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